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    About Us

    Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh, born in 1969, from Tehran.

    Starting the Preliminary reviews about the project design.

    The initial phase of creating a project in the office, will be accompanied by presenting an architectural concept.

    This basic notion, while giving heed to the art of architecture, must be in in line with the rules and regulations of all experts, as well as all executive engineering issues.

    The second stage is to complete the initial plan and present it to employer and getting his opinion. Indeed, we will have many give and take in this way to approve the project.

    All Projects
    The design process of creating a lasting work of architectur

    At the beginning of the project, according to the basic information, the location of the land, the rules of the relevant organizations, the client"s wishes and architectural ideas, the plans are designed in combination with the architectural volume.

    2021 / Kamranieh Hayat Kamranieh
    2021 / Niavaran, Tehran Hayat Marjan Project / Boukan Hayyat e Boukan / Farmaniye Modern Farmaniye

    It is our job to design sustainable, beautiful and practical buildings and spaces based on the art of architectural innovation and engineering principles.

    Our team claims that it has always been able to pursue the most innovative and creative ideas while maintaining its unique architectural style.